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I have over 10 years of experience in competitive basketball as well as over 2 years of experience in Olympic weightlifting. I am passionate about strength training as much as athletic training. I am a huge believer that the best way of training is the way that involves all the aspects of skill-related fitness. I always strive to find new and better ways of training. All based on the science behind exercise.

I WILL HELP YOU NOT ONLY ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS BUT I WILL DO ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I CAN TO HELP YOU IMPROVE agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed.

Based in Pure Gym Sturry Road

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Or grab me on a gym floor: 

Wednesday 8-10pm
Thursday 4-8pm

Saturday 12-4pm
+44 07474 112708



Minimum 3 month commitment.
Face-to-face sessions.
Can be arranged for groups of 2-3 people.

Nutritional support.
Online support with training.

Training available on one off basis or:

2x per week
3x per week

For any other arrangamantes contact me for more information.

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I started training with Matt in early summer 2021 when I was requested to demonstrate my physical ability over a 12 week period, so that I may join the military. Right at the beginning, Matt set an action plan catered to my requirements, explaining how everything will work. During the time spent with Matt, I saw incredible gains and achievements that I would not have thought possible.

Matt is very dedicated and passionate about the work he does, inspiring others to push themselves past what their mind believes they can do, he is very professional and flexible for those he works with, and will adapt to any circumstances that come his way to help his clients.

I am happy to say that I have passed the requirements to join the Military thanks to Matt and have since carried on training with him!

Canterbury Strength Weightlifting Club

Together with friends and fellow personal trainers in Canterbury, I run a Weightlifting Club. 


CSWLC is a fully British Weight Lifting affiliated club located in Canterbury, Kent.
We offer a timetable of group weightlifting sessions as well as programming and coaching for all ages and abilities. Our team of expert coaches are dedicated to building a supportive and encouraging community for all of our Lifters.
Our biggest aim at the club is to provide lifters with the knowledge they need to be comfortable with weightlifting, feel that they are training safely, and of course to become stronger, fitter, more powerful and more technically proficient.